About Us

What we are

Established in 2013, our 21st century company offers fresh ideas and options with thinking outside of the box philosophy. We are a software firm specialized in providing software development, integration, maintenance and resource management services & support to all tier businesses. Our experienced leadership and staff brings multi-industry experience and design custom fit solutions for specific business needs. We provide high quality, cost-effective software development and support with personalized customer service. We build complex solution on simple fundamentals, re-usable , pluggable & isolated blocks. Our Mission is to deliver to government and business clients the highest caliber of software consulting service.

Our Skills

Software Development and Maintenance
Agile Development, SecDevOPS
Cloud Migration
Web And Mobile Application Development
Software Architecture
Big Data Technologies

Meet the Team

Jignesh Shah (President & CTO)

Possess over 25 years of experience in software industry. Experienced programmer, software architect with leadership skills and entrepreneurial drive started S2Alliance in 2013.

Chris Cusano (Strategy Advisor)

Mr. Cusano has more than 27 years of practical knowledge in government contracting, coupled with over two decades of active and reserve military service. He advises federal contracting companies on effectively navigating the myriad of strategies, decisions, and programs needed to succeed in this challenging and diverse market. Mr. Cusano has been a Strategic Advisor to S2Alliance since 2017.


Krishna J Shah (Vice President)

Possess over 23 years of experience in the software industry. As a Vice president of software services, she oversees the development of software solutions provided by a company. Also, she collaborates with clients, plans and executes technical efforts aimed at software development, mediating between various departments, involving them in work, and coordinating activities.


Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to meet our clients’ technological needs in the most effective and efficient way possible. To do that we adhere to four principles: business needs come first, communication is crucial, rigorous process enables success, and staying current with technology allows us to find the best solution.

Our Services

We are expert in PHP, Ruby, .Net, Python and Java development led by experienced architects. We provide custom solution for your business needs.
Our staff includes certified and experienced cloud engineers who can provide solutions to migrat applications to the cloud using cloud-agnostic approach.
The world’s data is growing at an astounding rate, expected to double every two years. But the data collected often goes unused. Luckily, we can help government agencies put Big Data to work. S2Alliance provides hadoop solutions designed by Hadoop consultants, Big Data Analytics, Business-level Big Data strategy consulting.


  • Address: 44927 George Washington Blvd, STE 265,
    Ashburn, VA 20147
  • Email: info@s2alliance.com
  • Website: www.s2alliance.com
  • Phone: 703-791-9517